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Most students only learn about investing through the wildly popular Stock Market Game. And while it's great, there are other investment methods that are typically more successful (ahem, Index Funds), and deserve to be taught.
So, we crammed 20 years of investing into 20 minutes. (With as much real data as possible.)

Play the game.

Webby Winner | Silver Serious Play Award | EdTech Awards Finalist

Art Direction: Kathryn Moffitt


Ok, but you really should play it for yourself because I wanna know what your high score is.

Stax is one of our most popular games – there are tons of YouTube walkthroughs, and it's even made an few appearances on TikTok. You know a game is good when teachers complain because they're catching students play it in other classes! One group of students was even inspired to create a STAX after school club. 🥲